Website Design in North Wales – Usability and attractive design

Website Design in North Wales – Usability and attractive design



Good web design these days is a blend of both. It’s not good enough to have a beautiful site that is difficult to navigate for the user and takes forever to load.

A modern web needs to consider these things and more if it wants to be successful in its purpose. User experience must be easy and intuitive, imagery must be attractive and relevant and optimised page content has to be written with SEO in mind. If a site is developed with these things being well considered, then chances are that it will perform well in google search rankings and will be a valuable tool for the site owner in selling their service or products.

At Pie, we consider these aspects of site design when we approach each web design brief in order to create a beautiful, modern and effective sales tool for your business. A good example of this would be in our recent design for local chef Chad Hughes and his Ambermaze site.

For this website we have used the branding we’ve been developing for Ambermaze as the basis for the slick look of the site. We’ve also selected the best imagery from the clients own stock of pictures to ensure his site has the visual impact his food deserves.



We’ve also added a few nice touches to increase the visual appeal of the site and add to user engagement. Things like the animated type effect in the page headers and the slow image zoom are subtle elements that add value to the visual appeal.

We’re proud of our site design for Ambermaze, and we’re confident that it will prove a useful tool for the client in the years to come in promoting their business. We’ve had a lot of positive early feedback from Chad since it’s launch in June.